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I'm A highly motivated marketing student weaving data-driven insights into innovative campaigns. With a passion for merging creativity and strategy, I aim to make a meaningful impact and drive results.

Hi, I'm Alexa


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Marketing Consulting | Email Marketing | Search Engine Optimization | Market Research | Social Media Management, Content Creation & Design, Paid Media, Analytics


Role: Content & Social Media Marketing Intern

Audience: Businesses seeking continuous customer experience improvement via

(1) Service, Order & Inventory

(2) Review & Q&A Management

(3) Salesforce Translation

(4) Conversational Commerce solutions

Key Outcomes:

  • Leveraged WordPress and AI to craft content and strategy to produce bi-weekly blogs, amplifying brand visibility through effective SEO practices
  • Designed engaging visuals and established a content calendar to ensure a consistent posting cadence
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Demo Project

New Realistic Mobile Phone Smartphone Mockup with Blank Screen I
  • Created and launched a simulated pet care brand to demonstrate 1440's latest product, uniting channels for superior customer service
  • Developed 9 engaging Instagram and TikTok feed posts (carousel, static, video style) with original designs and captions
  • Garnered 3.6k impressions across the Aloha Paws Pet Care TikTok page

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Role: Community & Marketing Strategy Intern

Audience: Providing Gen-Z financial literacy, special focus on improving access for marginalized Spanish-speaking communities

Key Outcomes:

  • Managed 2.5k+ Instagram followers
  • Created posting schedule & implemented content calendar
  • Designed 25 original feed posts

Email Strategy

  • Spearheaded the rebrand of the monthly Riqueza newsletter (Feb - May 2023)
  • Increased subscriber base by 6.7% (124 subs)
  • Maintained an average open rate: 40% and 0.3% unsubscribe rate
  • Coordinated a successful 20-day email challenge campaign


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Role: Digital Marketing Consultant

Audience: Women aged 25-45 who appreciate chic, sustainably-made clothing

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Key Outcomes:

  • Managed a 35k+ audience
  • Developed paid ad strategy to increase awareness & website traffic via IG Reels
  • Top performing ad reached 1.3M impressions


"Here's the Stitch" | Fashion in Business (FIB) @ The University of Utah

As a Chief Marketing Officer of FIB, I created, edited, and designed an original "magazine-inspired" fashion newsletter for the university student body. Each edition has a unique monthly theme and consists of fashion news, trend reports, and student features.


Creative Advertising Project: Repositioning Lunchables

With the goal of repositioning Lunchables to appeal to a Gen-Z and Millenial audience and re-invent the brand with a "cool and relatable" factor, this project re-imagines the iconic American lunch staple. Centered on the nostalgia of youth and yearning for the "good old days" we developed a message, brand mantra, and ad concepts.

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Marketing Research 4450:

  • Research proposal developed for a course at the University of Utah exploring Shoppers' Pain Points Within Online Shopping
  • Discussed the business problem, context, value of information analysis, and the research objective
  • Conducted an extensive project exploring consumer preferences and perceptions

  • Designed a Qualtrics survey, identified a population sample, and surveyed 250 individuals
  • Implemented A/B testing method
  • 23-page report discusses comprehensive research findings
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Let's Connect

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